A warm welcome to Bedmobils CAMPER RENTAL , CAMPER SALE and CAMPER BUYBACK in Auckland New Zealand. A Bedmobil New Zealand campervan offers you accommodation and transport combined for a budget price. You finally found the New Zealand camper van you were looking for

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Long gone are the days when you were not able to afford a campervan in New Zealand. You will enjoy the freedom of a self-drive holiday in your camper in New Zealand. Ignore timetables and deadlines and experience the real New Zealand!


Based on their own travel experience in a camper throughout New Zealand, Australia, United States and Europe the founders of Bedmobils have created an extremely cosy and easy to use camper concept to explore and travel New Zealand on a budget.


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Bedmobil camper hire, camper rental and camper van sale New Zealand is a well established medium sized New Zealand camper hire company based in Auckland providing camper hire since 2004. Your Bedmobil New Zealand camper is personally chosen in New Zealand and only a reliable New Zealand camper can become a Bedmobil. Thoroughly mechanically maintained, the interior newly painted, built out to a fashionable cosy design and individually named - voila - a Bedmobil camper represents the cosiest and best behaved camper in New Zealand.




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